Real Estate Solutions is the solution for people who want to move right now.

You want out of your house, but it is NOT selling! Is there anything else you can you do?

Yes there is! If your house is not selling the "traditional way" it may be time to think "outside the box". There is a perfectly good alternative IF you don't need the equity from your current house in order to to move into your next one. If you can wait a year or so for your equity, then the immediate solution to your problem is to Lease Option your house.

There are houses all over the Metroplex that are not selling for a variety of reasons. Rather than continue to be hindered and frustrated by a house that isn't selling, wouldn't you like to find someone who can make your mortgage payments and free you up to move? A Lease Option with Real Estate Solutions will solve your predicament.

How does a Lease Option work? So glad you asked! The following two paragraphs will give you a general idea, while the Link, "Why This Works", will outline the details.

In summary, we put a Tenant Buyer in your house. Your Tenant Buyer is someone who will buy your house in a year or so. Like 40% of people in the Metroplex who want to buy a house right now, this family needs extra time to fix some credit issues before they can get a mortgage. A Tenant Buyer is NOT just a renter. They put down a down payment on your home, just as they would if they could get a loan right now. So they will have a vested interest in your house, whereas a regular renter does not. Just like a Realtor, our company receives a fee for putting the transaction together. But UNlike when a Realtor sells your house and their commission comes out of YOUR net profit, our fee comes from the Tenant Buyer's down payment, and no Realtor is ever involved. (But the transaction is closed at a Title Company with an attorney.)

When a Seller's house isn't selling and a Tenant Buyer wants a house but can't buy right now, you are each the answer to the others problem. At Real Estate Solutions, we bring the two parties together. We find a Tenant Buyer whose house preferences, budget and time frame match your house and your time frame.  More and more families are using Lease Option agreements to solve their housing needs. With a Lease Option you get to move and your Tenant Buyer gets the extra time they need to secure a mortgage.    
Now that's a true win-win!

What Is A Tenant Buyer

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